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Alexandra Holtzman has been keeping busy. You may recently have seen her in Los Angeles’ new, hit, zany show called “Octomom the Musical,” where she played various characters such as Kate Gosselin and Angelina Jolie. After two extensions, overly crowded sold out shows and rave reviews, Alexandra continued to find more work. You can find her in an upcoming episode of the new MTV show called “Warren the Ape.”

Alexandra has studied acting since she can remember. She recently graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Theater with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While attending USC, Alexandra worked with veteran actors Charlotte Cornwell, David Worshofky, Andre Bellgrader and many more amazing performers. Outside of USC, Alexandra continued to refine her vocal talents with the talented Rachael Lawrence, the vocal coach for Fox’s “Glee.” Alexandra has also taken many workshops, being taught by such talents as Adrian Zmed, Bobo Suzuki, Kim Steiner, and Jodie Langel.

Theater is Alexandra’s first love and she has been very involved. Alexandra has recently starred in many of USC’s School of Theater productions. Alexandra has played parts such as a cockney convict living in Australia in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s “Our Country’s Good,” a bubbly British fop in Jeffrey Hatcher’s “The Compleat Female Stage Beauty,” and a Romanian in the disturbingly brilliant “Mad Forest,” written by Carol Churchill. Outside of USC, Alexandra has been involved in many brand new musicals and plays. Some include “Octomom the Musical,” “Invasion! the Musical,” and “The Dorm Room” at the Santa Monica Playhouse. Being new to the world of television, Alexandra landed a role on an episode of “Warren the Ape” on MTV as well as a featured spot on an episode of “The Mentalist.”

Acting is not the only thing that interests Alexandra, however. In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys traveling around the world and learning about other cultures. Whether it be by car in the mountains of Colorado or sailing around the small islands in the Grenadines, Alexandra appreciates the beauty in the world and finds many ways to benefit from it. You can often find Alexandra skiing, maybe beneath the Matterhorn in Switzerland or the scenic mountains of Taos, New Mexico, and scuba diving in the waters of Hawaii. One of her favorite places is a small, one street town called Cashel in Ireland.  She also enjoys horseback riding, being a multi-award winner in Hunter/Jumper competitions, reading book after book, and of course, watching television and films!

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